All About Race Jacks – Their Use And Benefits

Race jack is a modified petite hydraulic device with a dual piston for pumping inputs to lift the vehicle really fast. With a low clearance required by these jacks to get in, they are suitable for vehicles with low chassis like sports cars. They just perform the lifting process, but to support the weight of the vehicle in that elevated position axle stands are required. It has a rubber coated saddle which avoids any scratch or dent on the car body. Race jack has small wheels which can turn 360 degrees and has front wheels which ensure stability. Two major metals used for designing these jacks are steel which forms the main structure ensuring strength and internal frame made of aluminum which is lightweight and durable. One of the most popular models of race jack is powerzone 380044.
As per, race jacks are supposed to be lightweight and reliable devices which are inexpensive and easily portable. With its low ground clearance an ideal choice for every vehicle owner.

Some of its benefits are:
1. Compact and portable: Due to the lightweight aluminum metal used in the structure these jacks are easy to carry. The design of race jacks is very compact, hence can smoothly fit in your car trunk.
2. Special safety feature which avoids the jack to take the weight over and above its limit.
3. With dual pistons the pumping speed is up and lifts the vehicle faster than other jacks.
4. There is also dual handle lock which keeps the jack stable in the desired position.
5. Most of the models are certified and have manufacturer warranty
6. With their little ground clearance is one of the only jack types which can be used for sports cars.

Important evaluations which need to be undertaken prior to buying race jacks are:
• What is the ground clearance of your vehicle?
• What is the weight of the vehicle? Accordingly, the jack with weight limit above that defined weight should only be bought.
• What is the desired lifted height? Depending upon the type of repair, for example, is it a work in the machine beneath or just a change of wheel, accordingly, the height capabilities of the jack should be analyzed.
• The spinning and mobility capabilities of the jack.
• The assembling and disassembling process should be easy and convenient.

Process involved in using a race jack is
Step 1: Vehicle to be parked on a leveled surface with the handbrake on to avoid any mobility of the vehicle.
Step 2: Place the saddle in the allotted socket in the vehicle. Loosen the screw to adjust it and then move the screw clockwise till the grip is tight.
Step 3: Place the jack underneath the vehicle lifting point
Step 4: Pump the dual piston up and down to raise the body of the vehicle
Step 5: Place the axle stand to rest the vehicle body onto it by turning the screw in the handle anti-clockwise to lower the load to the desired level of axle stand.

It is important to maintain the smooth functioning of these race jacks. Timely oiling using premium jack oil and checking the equipment or any sought of wear and tear especially before use ensures efficient performance and avoids any sought of accident from happening.